The 4 Best and Brightest Ideas for Decorating Your Garage Door This Christmas

When you think about it, your garage door is really just a blank canvas, waiting to be decorated. It’s always there as a main focal point when you return to your sanctuary after a long, hard day, welcoming you home and greeting your friends and family. So why not make it the center of attention during the most magical time of the year? Don’t limit yourself to some lights strewn over a tree or a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign when there’s a whole world of decoration out there waiting to be discovered. There are endless options to make your garage door pop, so you can rest assured Santa won’t miss your house!

This blog shows you four great ideas for decorating your garage door for Christmas, and how no matter your style, there’s décor to suit. To find out more, contact our team at DoorPOP today!

Go Big with Banners

No matter the size of your garage door or the style of your home, there’s a banner to suit. Stick with traditional reds and greens, or spice it up any way you like— the choice is yours!

Give your garage door life and a personality to match by adorning it with a holiday greeting banner. ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Holidays’, and ‘Holy Night’ are classic and popular choices, but the sky’s the limit! More of a ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal’ kinda person? Absolutely need to make a reference to the Holiday Armadillo? Understandable!

Pick your theme and images to match. Make an elegant statement with an intricate snowflake pattern and delicate text, or focus on the reason for the season with an image of a nativity scene. Add your family’s surname for an extra personalized touch!

For parents of younger children about to experience one of their first memorable Christmases, you can’t go past cute cartoon characters. Whether you’re in sunny Florida or snowy Massachusetts, a wintery image will always set the scene for a magical Christmas.

If what you’re after is a little more niche, or you’re hoping to embarrass your teenagers when their friends come over for a Christmas party, garage door banners can make all your decorative dreams (and their nightmares) come true. Garnish your garage door with images of your family’s faces on festive penguins, because why not?! No matter if it’s a simple message or a quirky design, garage door banners are reusable and will last for many years to come.

Twinkly Tinsel

Ah, tinsel. The second the clock ticks over to December, you have full permission from us to go all out with ALL the decorations. And nothing says festive cheer more than red, silver, and gold tinsel! Strew it everywhere, inside and outside, including your garage door. Decorate its windows or patterns in the door’s design, and outline the door itself so every day during the season you can come home to your own personal welcoming committee.

Wrap It Up in Ribbon

Ribbon can make just as much of an impact as its cousin, tinsel. Make your house itself a Christmas gift by wrapping your garage door up in a big bow— it’s like giving yourself a present at the end of every day. Just make sure the door can still open with that beautiful bow on there!

Christmas Lights 

Santa won’t overlook your house when your garage door is shining as brightly as the North Star! Add Christmas lights to the tinsel or ribbon on your garage door, or make them a feature all of their own. String lighting is a great choice and gives you so many options to make a statement. Stick with white or gold lights, or jazz it up with red and green bulbs to make your door POP! Whether they flash or emit a still glow, lighting it up is a sure-fire way to spread Christmas cheer.

Looking For a Beautiful Banner?

We hope this article has helped to get those creative juices flowing with some great ideas for decorating your garage door! Make this holiday season just that bit more festive with a gorgeous banner for your garage door.

At DoorPOP we have a wide range of templates to pick from, with endless options so you can customize to your heart’s desire. To get started on your top-quality banner that will give you holiday cheer for many Christmases to come, check out our full Christmas collection!

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