Decorate Your Garage Door This Mardi Gras

Christmas has come and gone for another year. That means your house needs to take off its decorations and blend in with all the other houses on the street, right? Not at all! Let the good times roll by decorating for Mardi Gras the minute those inflatable Santas and red and green lights come down. And once again, your garage door is most definitely invited to this colorful party!

This blog describes our range of Mardi Gras garage door decorations and how you can customize them to suit your style. For further information, contact our friendly and helpful team at DoorPOP today!

Don’t Forget the Garage Door!

All across the country around this time of year, particularly in the South, gold, green, and purple colors emerge from their hibernation. After all the fun of Christmas, the merriness and festivities carry on to celebrate Mardi Gras, the feasting celebration before the period of Lent. For those of us who love decorating and dread the idea of coming home to a boring old garage door after the holidays, you’re in for a treat!


Making It Pop For Mardi Gras

Keep up the fun and festivity by decorating your garage door this Mardi Gras! At DoorPOP we have a range of Mardi Gras garage door decorations that will remind you, your family and friends, and your neighbors of the delicious good times to come. Transform your home into a Fat Tuesday celebration with masks, streamers, balloons, and garlands by all means, but don’t forget the biggest blank slate ripe for decoration— the garage door!

Sizes and Colors and Styles, Oh My!

Whether you have a single or double garage, there’s a Mardi Gras garage door decoration for you. Simply measure your garage door with the help of a friend or family member, then head back inside to the warmth, sit back, and let those creative juices flow.

Our online designer tool gives you free reign to design the exact banner you envisioned. Change the background color by picking from the color chart or using the eye dropper tool, then go to town by editing your text and adding images. Add shapes, icons, and even photos! Play around with all the tools to create the exact Mardi Gras decoration you want your garage door to greet you and your guests with.

Not a creative bone in your body, as much as you wish there were? We’ve got you. Our Mardi Gras garage door decorations can be bought as is, allowing you to celebrate and decorate stress-free. Browse our range of colorful banners, pick the style you like best and select the size that will fit your garage door.

Why DoorPOP?

Our banners are produced in about 4 business days— speedy! Every banner is printed on premium woven poly fabric in the USA, making the quality absolutely top-notch. With such great quality, you can store and re-use your banner for years to come! We also offer free ground shipping within the continental United States, regardless of your banner’s size, taking one more step to give you the experience you deserve.

All of our banners give your garage door the ‘oomph’ and decoration it deserves while still maintaining its function, making it a win-win all around! Our banners work on most canopy and sectional doors so you can open and close it as much as you need. This means you can go about your daily life while showing off your flair for decoration and style.

Ready to Celebrate?

If you’re not ready to undress your garage door just yet, we hope we’ve helped ignite that creative spark in you! To get started on designing your customized Mardi Gras garage door decoration, or to utilize our creative team’s hard work, check out our Mardi Gras garage door banner collection!


Decorate Your Garage Door This Mardi Gras