Celebrate Graduation With a Banner that Pops!

Your baby, the apple of your eye, is now a high school graduate. Congratulations! You put in the hard work to raise them and now they’re rewarding you by accomplishing one of the greatest achievements there is. After 17-18 years of helping them study for exams, instilling their organizational skills, attending parent-teacher conferences, and convincing them to do their homework, the end of the road is here. That’s right, cue up Boyz II Men and Vitamin C on your playlist, because it’s time to celebrate high school graduation!

Our blog shows how you can dress up your garage door to celebrate your child’s high school graduation, and show how proud you are of them to each and every friend and neighbor. To customize your congratulatory graduation garage door banner, get in touch with our team at DoorPOP today!


It’s Party Time

When it comes to celebrating such an important event, it’s understandable— and certainly warranted— to want to go all out. Whether you’re having a big party, a small get-together, or even just celebrating as the two of you, nothing says celebration like decorations!

From inside to outside there are endless options to congratulate your new grad. Streamers, ribbons, balloons, and party food are great and all, but they’re usually not personalized and can feel a bit run-of-the-mill. It’s time to spice up the celebrations with a custom garage door banner!


Congratulations, Grad!

Custom graduation garage decorations are a great way to display how proud you are of your new grad. It will get a lot of looks from passers-by and admiration from family, friends, neighbors, and your graduate themselves! You can personalize it any way you like, and best of all, it won’t even disrupt you when you want to use your garage door for its original intention (you know, opening and closing). It’s a win/win!


Customize Away

You can bet that your custom garage door banner will be like no other. Firstly, having garage door décor is original in and of itself— you’re not likely to find that every house on the street has one! Even if they did, yours would stand out thanks to all of the customization you’ve given it.

Design your custom graduation garage decoration in any way you like. You can choose to include their name, their school’s name, their graduation year, their upcoming college’s name, their pet’s name, all your family member’s names… When we say it’s up to you, we mean it!

Words are just the beginning when it comes to personalizing your custom garage door banner. Images, colors, sizes— the choice is yours! You can upload an image of the grad themselves, alone or with a group of friends, or pop a party hat on the family dog and include your favorite from that photo shoot to let them join in the celebrations. Go wild! Images of graduation caps and gowns, party poppers, glasses, and books are popular add-ons for graduation garage decorations.

Our customizable garage door covers come in multiple sizes to fit most standard garage doors, and are fully functional to use day to day. With no need to remove it every time you want to open the garage door, you can admire your handiwork all day, every day! Your garage door banner will be the talk of the town for weeks to come, no doubt about it.


Why DoorPOP?

When you want your garage door and its decorations to POP, DoorPOP is the team you’ve been searching for! Our customizable garage door banners are easy to design, whether you upload your own images or choose from our wide selection. Even better, they’re made here in the USA from premium and high quality fabric that will last for years— once the party’s over, hang it in their bedroom while they go off to college! Between the easy design and installation and the personalized look and feel, you’ll be glad you went above and beyond for your grad.



Celebrate Graduation With a Banner that Pops!